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the smartest man who ever lived

I was reminded of a great truth tonight… that Jesus was not only compassionate, kind, God, forgiving, etc… Jesus was indeed the smartest man who ever lived… read this text carefully … so while I am not so smart, I do need to be as equipped as i can be to serve Him.


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Christian Apologetics

“religious pluralism is a normative thesis about diversity…”

“the bad news: no religion is true
the good news: it doesn’t matter; it will all turn out okay in the end”

“religious pluralism looks a lot like secularism w/ incense

if i am beginning to understand this issue… i am understanding that Jesus is a great model for the dialogue needed with postmodern friends, he was a great question asker, he acted with compassion…

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postmodernism addressed?

i have been thinking about postmodernism a lot lately… as you may have noted, i’ve even got a bunch of quotes on postmodernism in another blog…

tonight at the apologetics conference, while there has been almost no explicit discussion on postmodernism, there was good teaching on some of the ideas necessary for interacting with postmodern thinkers…

dialogue & living what we believe… these are essential…

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the parade illustrated

This morning I spent some time at the National Gallery of Art, we are fortunate to have such a museum… I get to visit numerous world class museums each year and I love this one best…

today i lingered for a long time over this work of art thinking about the parade it depicts…

these images are from my palm and are not too clear but this next shot of the upper right section shows a parade of people coming to the stable from a larger city…

I like to think the larger city is Jerusalem and they are coming down to Bethlehem…

the artist depicting the people following the three kings on the left side of the painting…

the guy in the red is lifting his hands and looking heavenward… I wonder if he has suddenly realized that God has sent the redeemer?

here is the family… the kings paying homage to the young King of kings…

one day we will bow before the King of kings!

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PS3 – witw

I took the pic below yesterday outside an electronics store… these guys were camped out for days…

sorry, i can’t not post about the craziness about the PS3… what are people thinking? sleeping in tents outside store for days to first in line to buy a video game… so they can live in an alternate reality? here is a news story

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really cool affirmation

so… last night’s sessions were about science and the brain… (yes Mark, you were right about the track I chose)… it is so cool to hear a scientist/philosopher talk about the way the universe has marks in it that point to God and how even our brain has “built in” stuff that God gave us to point us to himself… then, too cool, this morning as I clicked onto one of my morning readings – look what I found… click here for Bagster’s Daily Reading
…how great to be able to follow God, as Jesus said, “with heart, soul and mind!”

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