a double feature

ok, so today I had the day off… I did some errands for a couple of hours… mainly ceo stuff… then i went to Greenberrys to grade some papers – not a table in sight… left, went to get medsdr. has me on daily aspirin… i guess you know what that means… went to the video store… why do we call stores that rent mostly dvds “video stores” – old habits die hard i guess… so ANYWAY… rented and watched Archangel with Daniel Craig (the latest Bond) and loved it… looked to have been filmed completely in former Soviet Union… I thought I was back in Kyiv! Lots of historical stuff mixed with conspiracy theory, Moscow style – – – most significant line: “When you leave Moscow, you see how bad the real Russia has it.” I think most of Eastern Europe is like that… SO, I took it back to get a credit and the lady asked about it… I told her I loved it ‘cuz I’m into the whole Eastern Europe thing… good commentary about modern Russia… I do recommend it IF you can find it… THEN, later, when I picked up Chinese for dinner, I got National Treasure (turn your sound down before clicking this) which was just good fun! fairly mindless (unlike the above Archangel) adventure based on conspiracy and regaining the family credibility… haven’t seen it? I suggest it for fun, with some interesting historical factoids.

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