Sire quotes francis bacon: “Knowledge is power,”

Sire contrasts postmodern thought:

“With postmodernism, however, the situation is reversed. There is no purely objective knowledge, no truth of correspondence. Instead, there are only stories, stories which, when they are believed, give the storyteller power over overs.”


then: Sire then tells us that Michel Foucault emphazises this relationship: “Any story but one’s own is oppressive.”

and: Sire states… “To reject oppression is to reject all the stories society tells us. This is, of course, anarchy, and this,… Foucault accepts”

lastly, Sire simplifies with a pattern of philosophical movement:

a “premodern” acceptance of a metanarrative written by God and revealed in Scripture
a “modern” metanarrative of universal reason yielding truth about reality
a “postmodern” reduction of all metanarratives to power plays

(Universe p. 181)

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