here is simple…



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8 responses to “here is simple…

  1. Mark

    Duck #1) “hey, what’s that thing over there?”
    Duck #2) “dude!, it’s a squirrel!”
    Duck #1) “what’s he eatin’?”
    Duck #2) “a nut!”
    Duck #1) “whoa.”
    Duck #2) “yeah, he’s got it made.”

  2. revtom

    does the squirrel (is that spelled right?) worry about where the nuts come from? no? then should you worry about tomorrow?

  3. Mark

    Duck #2) That’s right! The squirrel does not worry about where the nut came from. Although, he did hunt for it. But huntin’ and worryin’ are different.

  4. Arden

    These two are doing what they were created to do…that is simplicity.

  5. laciandkeri

    Croatian Duck #1) “hey, what’s that lady doing there?”
    Croatian Duck #2) “dude!, ask Tom!”

    I am sorry but I could not leave this one out…

  6. revtom

    counseling Canadian goose: where’s that guy going in that wheel chair?

    driving Canadian goose: how am I supposed to know?

    counseling Canadian goose: well, then, what are the fish in this lake doing?

    driving Canadian goose: I dunno, but why were those people calling us ducks?

    counseling duck: it’s an identity crisis…

  7. laciandkeri


  8. Anonymous

    Dear Rev. Foley!
    Sorry to interrupt this duck conversation :o), but I wanted to share with you some random thoughts on simplicity (sort of). I just saw the movie Constant Gardner. It reminded me that I am part of a struggle that is so much bigger than me and my myriad worries.
    That simple truth about the mission of helping build God’s Kingdom jumped out at me, and instantly God put my concerns about academics, my reputation, weight/health, the future, etc in perspective. On one hand, I felt peace that God’s got things covered. On the other hand, I felt an impetus to take care of myself to the best of my ability so that God can more fully use me for His purpose. I came away with a great conviction that my body is not mine, but God’s. My mind is not mine, but God’s. My money is not mine, but God’s. My life is not mine, but God’s. I repent of my greediness, self-hatred, and self-centeredness. Knowing the truth that I am part of building God’s kingdom, I feel excited to let God work in me to His glory. I am (or want to be)like an obedient duck, relaxed but eager to be the best duck I can be, knowing that I am not in control of my duck world.
    peace out,

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