following the path

my sweet anna and i went for a walk around the pond last night… as you can see it was growing toward darkness… the colors were beautiful…

around this pond is a path on which we walk…

we know the path well… it is clearly marked… it is really a pavement

life’s path is not always so clearly marked… but there is One who we can follow… last Sunday, anna and i went for a hike… i let her lead the way because i wanted to follow…

so she led the way…

all i had to do was follow…

i knew she knew the way through the forest…

i trusted her to lead me in the right direction…

following God is like that, knowing He knows the way and

trusting him to lead in the right direction… all we have to do is follow Him…

why is trusting so hard for us sometimes? when we figure out the answer to THAT question we will be able to follow Him better… so… what IS that answer?

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One response to “following the path

  1. Arden

    Trusting is so hard because there is still so much flesh in us that has yet to die. When we worship God the way Jesus said true worshipers would, “in spirit and in truth,” then the flesh must die because then we are finally living by the Spirit. It’s all about dying, and if it is all about worshiping the Father in spirit and in truth, then whatever belongs to anything other than the spirit must be put to death on the cross. And only the Spirit can show us this, for He is the Truth.

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