poured out

this is my water bottle…

from it i drink water…

but when it is empty, i can’t pour anything out…

we are just like that…

we can’t pour into people when we are dry…

it takes regular filling to have anything to pour into people…

so we must be sure to keep ourselves spiritually hydrated…

with the living water!


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2 responses to “poured out

  1. Arden

    Physically, we need to be “hydrated” as well………and rested……….oh boy do I know this lesson………tooooo well.

  2. scott nesbit

    revtom–I check jr’s blog every once in a while, and I just noticed links to your page. I hope all is well. Erin, the kids and I have been back in cville for a couple years now–I’m working on a phd in am. history at uva. Shoot me an email sometime (csn6n@virginia.edu), I’d love to hear how you’re doing.

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