time savers

hey guys, this is my latest time and space saving device… will it really save time? is there time to save? is there time?

consider this difference between the eastern mind (or should I say non-western) and the western mind…

a study once showed that Americans can typically tell you the time within 15 minutes without looking at their watch the same study in a non western country: 30 minutes was best…

last holiday I had my girls test me, I averaged about 6 minutes off… what does that say about times importance to me?

and then the question: does time exist?


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11 responses to “time savers

  1. laciandkeri

    In The Balkans there are only 2 time zones.
    1. Its time for a coffee
    2. Its time to go to bed

    No other time exists…

  2. Arden

    Since God is outside of time, then does time really matter? Also, because He is outside of time, He can do anything at any “time” in and through anyone, moving, healing, restoring even the small child in the adult. Time is not a limiting factor for Him.

  3. minister scribe

    Time is the fire in which we burn.

  4. Anonymous

    hmmm, that is, unless we become the timeless people we were designed to be… given an everlastingness from He who is without beginning or end, the Eternal one who offers everlastingness: Jesus

  5. minister scribe

    Nah, it’s what I said.

  6. Anonymous

    Time is just a distraction from what we’ve been placed here to accomplish. Time is merely the human recognition of the constraints of mortality and serves no better purpose than to remind us that our end is near. But that’s the key, while we dwindle away those precious seconds of existence here on earth, our brothers are suffering because we’re too preoccupied with the amount of time we don’t have to step into their lives and help them.

  7. Arden

    We give time way too much control and thus power. These should belong only to God.

  8. revtom

    T- you have left a very thoughtful comment, one which we should consider seriously… – RevTom

  9. revtom

    Laci – I sure wish I was living in your time zone!

  10. revtom

    Minister Scribe – very interesting comment from a guy who says he has found “whole” – ness… this burning you are doing, is this energy being consumed for… what?

  11. minister scribe

    My son, wholeness is not to be found but to be disposed of in favor of franchising. Devote thy energy to that and the profits shall arrive.

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