I just visited a rehab center where a young man of 16 (today is his birthday) is recovering from a stroke. When I saw him last he was in the hospital and was not able to do or say much. The stroke was a serious one (the jury is still out on what happened and why this occured) and there were some very dark days for the mom and dad.

But today, just three weeks later, the change was just amazing. One of the hospital folks early on had used the word vegetable, but today I saw this young man in therapy, he is regaining control of his limbs to the point where he can walk a bit!

His intellignece level has gone from that of a 6 year old to that of a 22 year old (this rating is a relative thing). His mom and dad are praising God.

But they are praising God not just for the wonderful development of their son but for being there and getting them through the dark days they have been through… God is with us through it all. I’m glad to be His…

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  1. Arden

    Do I know this kid or family?

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