Clementines and modern psalms

I have really begun to appreciate Clementines, ‘cuz while in Korea we ate them a lot… now we buy these handy little cases of them, and this morning I enjoyed them at the top of the hill above the “village” I live in… it was the hightest point of this morning’s hike, so I sat on a fallen treee and enjoyed not one, but two (!) clementines… and as I sat, enjoying the view through the forest from the top of the hill to the mountains beyond… listening to some great music… I was struck by a thought about the music I listen to on these walks, the music is like a modern Psalm, drawing me to walk with Him, this is what the Psalmists did some of the time, write music which would draw the followers of God to Him…
…so stop for a while, listen to some music that draws you to Him, and enjoy a clementine!

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