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Some thoughts on U2’s latest

Not mine, I have none yet. Read Jeremy Bohall’s opening reflections HERE.

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Goodbye Organization Man

David Brooks describes a culture shift that doesn’t seem to be serving us well. Click here for the NYT column.

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Analysis of situation in Ukraine and Russia

has been posted by The Economist and helps to make some things clear during this period of quiet, CLICK HERE

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Nimrod is home!

Many thanks to all who prayed and praise be to God for all the blessings. Nimrod is home!

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Thank you for praying for Nimrod!

The news is really good, his recovery is progressing! His dad says that: “Babies after this operation usually are not capable of sleeping longer then 30-40 min and only in arms… due to the shock of operation, pain of the head…” But in this case our little buddy “slept twice last night both times it was few hours, and in his bed”!

Furthermore!!! “If all stays this way, I can go and pick them up tomorrow afternoon!!!”

This is clearly God answering our prayers!!!

Please keep up the prayers. God is answering!

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Please #prayForNimrod (ongoing updates)

Friday morning: no real improvement today so far, please keep up your kind prayers.

Thursday morning: we just learned that our little 7 month old buddy Nimrod kept his food down for the last 12 hours!


But the swelling and pressure are still a serious concern. Doctors are working so please join us in praying. Today is day two of the critical 48hour post surgery period. Please pray that the pressure would subside and for mom and dad who, of course as we all would in this case, feel so helpless.

Previous background and updates in post below

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