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“Putin’s Crime, Europe’s Cowardice”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a reTweet by David Brooks, until just now. This opinion (from France?) is from the New York Times. It is, as I see it, an accurate analysis of the facts.

You know, a 100 years ago right now there was all kinds of back and forth between diplomats and politicians in Europe in the wake of the shooting of two people in Sarajevo. What of today’s events? That dilly-dallying led to the First World War. Will anyone have the moral courage to stand up to Russia now? Only, it appears, the lonely president of Ukraine has the courage to speak the truth and act upon it. Will anyone stand with him?

Read the opinion HERE.

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thoughts just get inserted

One of the ways people in Eastern Ukraine were turned to Russia was the turning off of Ukrainian news and allowing only Russian propaganda (RT) into the region. The more you hear one side, the harder it is to comprehend both sides.

I heard a sermon on thoughts yesterday. The speaker reminded us that there are three sources of thought. Truth from God, lies from the devil and our own head.

A couple of weeks ago I read a guy who said we can’t stop thoughts that come into our head, but we have a choice of what to do with them.

The preacher said we have to recognize truth like a bank teller recognizes real money, thus making counterfeit money stand out. How? Bank tellers handle the real thing and thus they spot the fake.

Well, C. S. Lewis tells us we need reminding, and that this reminding comes in the form of “holy reading”… what I call daily devotional reading of the Bible.

I never cease to find a lack of otherwise committed Christians who don’t put enough emphasis on Bible reading because “I’m not moved by it.” Or “it has become dry.”

So what?

You eat even though you may not have your favorite food in front of you, don’t you?

You have time for social media don’t you? Is your life a seeking after pleasure, experience and feeling? Or do you discipline yourself, as Willard taught us, to train your heart and mind. Paul told us in Rom. 12:1-2 to renew our mind.

This involves Bible reading for the sake of handling truth enough that when lies are inserted by the enemy of truth, we can recognize and reject those lies. As Paul said to the Corinthians, “taking every thought captive for Christ.”

Lies will come.

What we do with them is the question.

How we’ve trained ourselves for that is key to what we do with them.

As Spurgeon urged, don’t have a conversation with people until you do so with God, read your Bible, pray. Develop the discipline and then you can deal with the lies that are bound to come!

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Tears … #prayForUkraine

Today could mark a major turn after the shooting down of the airliner… She weeps afresh for Ukraine…


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Kyiv: an encampment

The Maidan remains a camp site for many protesters.


It seems to have become a community of its own within the city.


They wait for the end of corruption in government.


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Kyiv: the Maidan

In Independance Square, (Maidan Nezalezhnosti) known during the protests as The Maidan, many thousands of people stood for freedom. I’ve been here many times and was surprised to see this square still in an occupied condition.


The stage remains a place for the voices of protest. Today they sought an end to corruption.


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Kyiv: where protests began

In the following few posts I will be sharing some pix from my visit to the main square in downtown Kyiv.

Repairing the sidewalk.


The “weapons” of the battle were paving stones broken into throwing size. Today the sidewalks are being replaced with new paving stones.

Though in the posts to come you will see plenty of the old stones standing as part of the reminders, memorials really, of the months long battle.


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