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like a computer lab

one of the guys who works for Ruslan took this shot of Oleg, Ruslan and me all working face down on our laptops in Ruslan’s office conference room, I felt like I was in a school computer lab…

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our dream, a Ukraine Without Orphans

What are you dreaming about? Some couples dream of the happiness and having a family. We dream of a Ukraine Without Orphans. You don’t need to read Russian or Ukrainian to get this powerful message about the possibility of a Ukraine Without Orphans… WATCH…


There are still 30,000 children in Ukraine who need parents.

Your prayer can change the life of a child.

November 6th is Orphan Sunday.

The video was written and directed by a young man who was once, himself, a street kid. The boy in the video was an orphan, but has now been adopted.

Please support our cause at

You may give toward this effort in Ukraine by indicating: “Abandoned Children’s Fund” on your donation. Learn more about how to give to our cause HERE.

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travelin again

I’m travelin again, and am writing this post from the airport. Over the next six weeks you’ll see my journey via tweets and blog posts. Over on, you can click a link to my TRIP plan and see what’s comin, what to pray for and how prayers are answered.

Hopefully I’ll be asleep before we are airborne. Next stop Heathrow for a nice 5 hour layover where I’ll be reading _God Space_ when not dozing.

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stress test

CLICK HERE to take a stress test.

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