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The Gospel does not rest

This morning as I was praying about life and mission, I began thinking about how the Gospel changes and then influences life.

I am thinking about how the Gospel changes our hearts and intentions (Rom. 12.1-2, Heb. 4.12), then our thoughts (2 Cor. 10.5), and from there our life (Mark 10.17-27, 2 Cor. 4.16).

It is in this manner that God uses the Gospel to change and use our lives and then our words. It is with this new and ever growing Gospel heart/mindset that we can interact with our culture/world to speak into said culture/world (2 Cor. 2.14-17).

If we seek Him (Matt. 6.33) and abide/remain/dwell in Him (John 15), we can impact our world as He works on us and through from our changed heart/life.

But first we must submit and remain submissive. The Good News does the rest and does not rest.

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I listened to this driving up to DC a few weeks ago. I found it quite helpful (it is pretty reformed – I am less so, but it is valuable indeed). It is, in my opinion, a very thoughtful and balanced presentation on personal prayer from the lives of great leaders of the past…. get situated, fresh cup of coffee, something on which to write, something with which to write… get in mind to take a couple of notes and CLICK HERE

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