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news from the trip

WOW!!… Dulles now has their tram system up and running! No longer do you take the old “mobile lounge” which lumbered around the tarmak (sp?) but right after the recently opened and greatly improved security system… DULLES is now rivaling Frankfurt for efficiency! Well, on the way out anyway.

I dodged a bullet! I flew Austrian through Vienna last night/today. Lufthansa went on strike at midnight, I am sure glad I flew Austrian on my Lufthansa mile reward ticket and not Lufthansa itself, I might be figuring out how to take a train to Budapest instead of sitting here in the capital of Hungary.

Rumors are flying that banks are doubling their international use fee from 1% to 2%. That would be such a drag… Banks, ugh…

Off to Kyiv tomorrow… glad I’m on Malev not Lufthansa.

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new leg of the journey

I’m heading off on the next leg of the journey… The next posts will, hopefully have some bits and pieces from the travelin and some stuff that I’m thinkin about along the way. The previous post (scroll down) has a link to my itinerary.

This is the view from the P of A’s car on the way to IAD…

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Wow, I have really gotten away from posting, haven’t I? There are lots of reasons for that, but I will not dwell now. But I want to inform that I will be traveling soon to visit the Heartland and all the folks I love to serve with there.

I would be grateful for your prayers during this trip… so to keep up, Click Here and you will see the whole schedule…

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Simplicity in Snowville

I have always loved snow (and I promise no theological musings about it in this post). This pic is of the path I was digging…

This week’s second snow storm has knocked out electricity all day. I’ve been out three times to get firewood, clear ice from the heat pump and then to shovel.

After an hour of shoveling…

I sit in the quiet with a favorite chair pulled up to the fireplace reading… enjoying the warmth and sound of the fire, the clock chiming downstairs and the general simplicity of it all.

Yeah, I do love the snow.

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gospel conversations

One of the things I do to follow my calling is to engage people in conversations. I’ve done this for a while. I do enjoy it.

More often than not, these conversations turn toward what it means to deepen our connection to God. I’m a bit obsessed with this topic. It’s important.

So, I’m always on the lookout for thoughtful books to read and talk about with friends. There are a lot of great books out there to use for this purpose, I have a stack I’m trying to work through. There’s a lot of trash and nonsense out there too, too much of which flies the Christian flag. I read one like that lately. I WILL NOT tell you the title because I do not want the responsibility of your reading this book and getting as angry as I did, or worse, getting confused by this babble.

ANYWAY, a few weeks ago this group I am in on Monday mornings were trying to decide what to use as our basis for conversations. A few months earlier, my friend who sort of leads our group, had been introduced to some material that he really liked working through. He had told us about it, so we decided to give it a try. Here is the cover…

It was written and published (in a cool way) by World Harvest Mission, which is in my estimation, a very, very cool organization. They get it. Anyway, this material really gets you to ponder what you are thinking and feeling about and how you are reacting to God and yourself. I am going through this with a bunch of people. Some of us are face to face in person, on Skype, or on voice via Skype. I am finding it to be really helpful in having great conversations about deepening our connection with God. If you want to learn more click here.

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