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last full day in Bp

I love snow… and I have been pleased to walk through snow in one form or another, under foot, on hillsides, in the grass, or falling lightly from the sky which I have seen everyday since Friday afternoon! Today was no different, this was the scene as I left the building… 




another busy one of recycling the princess’ plastic, shopping for a dinner tonight, including a trip to te butcher where he ground the beef when I ordered it!


then after having a couple of conversations, and trying to be helpful with dinner prep… some of the gang came over and enjoyed Joanna’s cooking and she knows how to cook!


So now, with the kitchen cleaned and the bags packed, I sleep, for tomorrow at 0630 the taxi will be blowing his horn outside for to take me to the airport for the long journey home. The prayers asked for good conversations, effective speaking and travelin mercies have been answered, now I beg your prayers for the ride to the airport and the three flights home: I leave Obuda at 12:30am Eastern time and arrive at CHO at 7:00 pm Eastern time, ugh.

Now for a question: Would you rather be a Nouwen or a Williard? If you’ve not read them enough to know, you really should…


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Monday’s adventure in Bp

Well this has been a busy day… let me bore you with details. So I slept in and did some cleaning around the palace of the Princess of Obuda. Then I took a look at the princess’ drafty, ‘er WINDY bedroom window and remembered that back during the energy crisis of the 1970s my dad used to use thick plastic to seal up their windows. Then I packed up one of the bags that I am taking back to CEO world headquarters. After getting some organizing done for the remaining two days here in Bp, I bundled up and headed out into the cold and tried to put money on my phone at the local bank-o-mat, no luck. I had already been warned by T-mobile that I had only about a dollar left, so I knew I couldn’t use it much. Next, I jumped on the first busz (the 86) headed north to Baumax-x (I thought it was like Lowes, but its more hard core construction stuff) …so anyway, I get to the construction store and used my five Hungarian words and gestures to tell the guy that I needed a bunch of plastic. I found the duct tape by myself. So I take my purchases, get on the 206 busz and head back to the palace. I drop the stuff off and head to the HEV (light rail)


and head to try to charge up the phone… its nearing time to call or text some people and I can’t… down at the square that I used to hang out in all the time when we had the “office” I found a place to put money on the phone and, relieved, I was able to start setting up some stuff with people. I got a coffee and sat down to wait for Joanna at the Big Crepe place and re-read stuff from The Great Omission and watch people in the square with Parliament as a backdrop. 


Joanna arrives and we have crepes for lunch and then head downtown to an exhibit of the work of DaVinci. It was time well invested but tiring. So we headed for a snack to rest. On  the way we run into the Trabant (old E. German car) and an old VW Beetle in the snow.


On the way we stopped in Ofice Depot, yes dear reader in the USA, you read correctly, Office Depot and there I found some stuff I needed. 


At the cafe… 


I got right into the internet (which was a relief since the new netbook wouldn’t work at vonLazo’s and I had worried) and got caught up on some internet time then we headed back out into the snow (it has snowed lightly all day) to meet some folks for dinner and conversation. We caught the 4-6 around to my favorite Turkish spot and had dinner with some friends. Then home to tackle the window project…


After sealing up the window I decided to post this long description of my day that you are now wondering why you read… Now, I’ll pack that bag…



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Fri. Afternoon


Hungary got a blanket of snow, and continues to get dustings… I shot this pic as Iwas walking from one conversation to another in another in Szeged…

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Sat. Morning


After a great time with Arden, Laci and Gabor, Arden was kind enough to take this pic of Lazo and me in from of our fav pastry shop… there were many a meeting to discuss life in the early mornings on the way to summer English camps.


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pix – finally

I LOVE going to Vukovar and fellowshiping at Agape church!


I really enjoyed having Lazo traslate for me!


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It has snowed in parts of Hungary! I have traveled south to Szeged where I will be speaking in a church tonight and hanging out with old friends: Arden and Gabor…

Then tomorrow morning, I will travel with the Nemeths to Vukovar from where I will post tomorrow. I still have not had the chance to post pix, but I will! Probably tomorrow when I will not be so rushed to sign of and get to the next place, like right now! bye


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