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Serbs continued

Yesterday a huge mob of Serbs attacked and burned the US Embassy Consulate in Beograd. The embassy has been closed for days in anticipation of such. It’s funny how the embassy staff could figure out the danger and the Serbian police/military couldn’t. It took the riot police and fire brigade forty-five minutes to respond. See Pix from BBC. This and the attacks in northern Kosovo of Kosovar police stations was clearly orchestrated by the Serbian leadership. When I passed through Serbia last week, it was clear that trouble was brewing from the people, the newspapers and the leaflets being handed out. Some things never change. Read more on the BBC, don’t expect much from American news outlets… click here.

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thinking about Kosovo

back in ’99 as we prepared for the summer trip, i heard about a missionary in Bp who was collecting clothes for Kosovar refugees… they had travelled a long way, some of them walked all the way, at great risk to Hungary… I hope they are safe in their newly independent home now… [a bit more about the story and a pic is here… ] these little kids are teenagers somewhere now, I bet the older girl would be married now… the Kosovar’s deserve thier own place, free nations should embrace them… many died for that freedom.

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helpful maps

The Kosovo question brings up lots of other questions… some understanding is helpful from a BBC web page… click here

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growth and depth

I’m back… this post is overdue, but I’m a bit jet lagged…
In my recent travels I observed servants of God engaging their friends in deep and meaningful conversations… I will limit myself to three observations.

In Sz I was so blessed by the worship at ICF and I was thankful to God to see two things:
first, how ICF has grown, there was a great crowd of uni students who came to worship, there were folks there from ten nations… so, so exciting to me, secondly, the team in Sz is developing as their leader has invested heavily into them and students are active in leadership of International Christian Fellowship

In Vu I was so blessed to see the sweet folks of Agape church… I love visiting these folks… but the night before, five friends invested about four hours together first around coffee and then over dinner discussing how people pour into one anther’s lives… we were seeking to help a dear friend know that Jesus wishes to pour into him… depth of conversation, investing in people…

In Bp earlier, I attended a conversation among some university students and got to share how I had seen God work in the lives of young people in Kyiv… young people who were once street kids, but because of the depth of love Jesus shows through His followers, these young people were now living abundant lives of Christ-following… It was great to see the interest these men and women showed in this important issue…

Thanks be to Jesus for using these servants in these three places to bless so many as their service to God grows and deepens.

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good news

This past couple of weeks there has been, up in Hungary, a train strike that has been on and off. Because these trips of mine rely heavily on trains, I have been trying to keep myself informed about these train strikes. Over the course of the days leading up to our arrival in Budapest and our preparation to travel south I must admit that I worried about the availability of the trains. On Thursday night as we bought our tickets south from Budapest, we were told by two different people that the strike was called off. But these were people I did not know, so I was unsure. At a meeting we were at in Budapest Thursday night, I got to make a new friend named Balazc and Balazc worked for the railroad. As he left, my new friend said, that the strike was over. I was very glad and I said: “that’s good news.” And I thought about how that made me feel, I was reassured. I felt comforted. I was glad. Good news is good Good News (the gospel) is better.

This morning we took a train from Szeged to Subotica and the Emperor picked us up in the chariot and took us to get burek and hang out at his parents house for a while. We talked about the fact that perhaps tomorrow Kosovo will at 1700 hrs on the 17th of Feb. declare its independance from Serbia. Soon afterward we drove to Vukovar… I loved this sign on the way, note the two Budapest options, a left turn anyone?

I’m glad we left Serbia today, the borders may be interesting tomorrow. What will be the ramifications of Kosovo’s independance? an inportant question that only time’s passing can answer.

Upon arrival in Vukovar we began telling Dan and Mario the story of the war in Vukovar… In 4 1/2 years of coming here I have seen progress. The red building on the righ was norm… on the left is whats new!

peace to you from Vukovar.

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it’s just a joke, but…

i went to the doctor for a bit of a check-up this morning… then i went to see Sweet Anna… she said “what did he say?” I joked “I have six months to live… gotta get busy!” then she asked the question “okay, so IF you REALLY (which i don’t, calm down) only had six months to live, what would you do? so, no kidding, if you only had six months to live, how would you invest those months? note I use the word invest here not spend… i would want to invest my time in people…

related to that, in a conversation with a friend about what is going on in their part of the world, we began talking about what does discipleship mean… this is a summation of that conversation:

…discipleship isn’t about information transference… its about Christ-like character development which is facilitated by Christ-centered relationships… it isn’t about programs, it is about depth of friendship which has Jesus as the real uniting factor of that friendship… as Paul said to the Romans in chapter one: “I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong— that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.” (1:11-12)


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