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kings wear crowns

Here is a crown from several hundred years ago in Korea.

I took this pic back in Dec.

I was reading in Mark today about the quizzing some scribes were giving Jesus and they asked what was the main thing… after Jesus answered them one of these teachers restated what Jesus said to make sure he understood and Jesus (who will wear the crown – just not this one) said an amazing thing to this guy… “I can tell from your understanding that you’re close to the kingdom” (my paraphrase)…

I hope that many will gain the understanding to begin to follow Jesus as king and begin thier own kingdom travelin…

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the source

I had coffee with a friend yesterday who recently took a course in a fine university in which this person learned that there are contradictions in Scripture… those of us who are followers of Jesus and who are thoughtful people are often faced with information which runs counter to our understanding…

when we are faced with any information, we should ask; where is this information originating? what is the position of the writer or speaker? what do I know about this individual that will help me understand the totality of his or her position? why should I listen to them? how do they back up their material? why do I believe them?

the bottom line: what is the source?

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more on life’s meaning

If life has no meaning, how could we tell?

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a serious matter: homelessness

There is conversation worth your time over at Mark’s blog about attitudes regarding homelessness in Budapest. I weighed in with a too long comment that you might read as well… it is interesting to me because this morning I just read these words about the sermon on the mount…

“The Beatitudes are lists of human ‘lasts’ who at the individualized touch of the heavens become divine ‘firsts.’ The gospel of the kingdom is that no one is beyond beatitude, because the rule of God from the heavens is available to all. Everyone can reach it, and it can reach everyone. We respond appropriately to the Beatitudes of Jesus as if this were so, as it concerns others and as it concerns ourselves.” (Willard, Divine Conspiracy, p.122) here are some ‘lasts’ that some of my friends in Kyiv
are trying to help…

I took this picture of a friend who lives in a steam tunnel in Kyiv. SOme of my friends who are also followers of Jesus have commited their lives to trying to help these kids…

There are other lasts… hear this…

“Who could be on your list of ‘hopeless blessables’ as found in today’s world? Certainly all of those on Jesus’ lists, for though they are merely illustrative, they are also timeless. But can we, following his lead as a teacher, concretize the gospel even more for those around us? Who would you regard as the most unfortunate people around you?” (Willard p. 122)

Remember this, Jesus came from heaven to be with us, but he was often without a place to lay his head…

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last ball at u hall

due to the unfortunate illness of a friend I got to attend “last ball at u-hall” with my sweetie Anna – note the fans are all in orange as each seat came with a t-shirt for the event

we saw a good game as uva played their last home game in university hall against Md.

we saw a great comeback as the cavs came back from an 18 point deficit and then took the lead!

but the end was a disapointing one point loss as the md defense prevented uva from scoring at the end… final 71-70

but it was great to see uva greats like ralph sampson, terry holland and others as they highlighted the life of the building

go hoos

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experience and truth

Anna and I were talking this morning about the eastern mind and how it goes toward experience, we hypothesized that this is why Korean believers are such great prayers…

while western believers are into truth, into knowledge… I said that I thought this knowledge and truth thing, while biblical is probably a side effect of the rise of modern thinking…

and that the emerging generations are moving away from that… then we said that there must be a balance… we must know what is Right to make sure our experience is measuring up to biblical standards…

to not have experience with Him and the body for the sake of truth is just as wrong as pushing away an adherence to absolute truth for the sake of experience in an attempt at being relevant…

what think ye?

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