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a new coffee mug & an atheist goes to church

For a good while now, I have enjoyed collecting coffee mugs… here is the coolest one I’ve been given in a while…

It was a surprise from Laci and Keri…

Here is the original… it is now a symbol of the

spirit of the people of Vukovar, Croatia…

My friend Mark, who travelled with me there last week, posted some resources to learn more…

On an unrelated note… I was fasinated to read about an atheist who went to church at a big “mega-church” near Chicago in the USA… his description is interesting

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“A child saying a child’s prayer looks simple. And if you are content to stop there, well and good. But if you are not – and the modern world usually is not – if you want to go on and ask what is really happening – then you must be prepared for something difficult. If we ask for something more than simplicity, it is silly then to complain that the something more is not simple.” – C.S. Lewis (Mere Christianity, p.40 Harper Collins edition 2001)

Lewis uses modernity here and I think this helps us understand how we want to break it all down into its componant parts… the thing I – as a modernist – must understand is how do others who are post-modern look differently at ideas… this one for instance…

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two thoughts on U2

Two blogs I browse pretty regularly are my friends Mark and JR. Interesteringly, each of them noted U2 on their blogs… Mark about Bono at the National Prayer Breakfast (USA) and JR talking about U2 and the Emerging church… I recommend both to you…


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today’s sunset reminded me of this shot I took after Mark and I dropped Chris in Laci and Keri’s hands, we headed back to Hungary from Vukovar and I took this shot of the sunset…

beautiful isn’t it?

but somewhere beneath this sunset, in many places actually, there are signs that warn people to keep out of marked fields… keep out because these fields, under this beautiful sunset, are scarred by war, they are filled with mines… one must be careful where one walks… but isn’t that such a truism? We should indeed be careful where we walk…

watching for warning signs…

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some thoughts from a five hour layover

so today im on my way home and i have this five hour layover at heathrow airport in london… O MY GOODNESS, can you say disorganized???????

anyway, i had a chance to do some decent quiet reading… a book review, an essay and a book chapter… most of which i read during a fish and chips lunch… oh, no i forgot the picture… but some of which i read at coffee and pastry time,

Jurgen Moltmann wrote an article called “Godless Theology” some of his thoughts are… “What the church is about is something more than the church. The church is about life in proximity to the kingdom of God, and about the experience and praxis of the justice and righteousness of that kingdom.”

“Christian theology is theologia publicica. It is theology for the sake of the kingdom. So it must be aligned and think not just intratextually, but also correlatively too. It has to be both ‘in accordance with scripture’ and contextual.”

In discussing what he calls “protest atheism” which is a “profoundly theological” atheism which asks deep and important questions about reality…

Moltmann quotes Dostoevsky‘s Ivan… “Understand me, I accept God, but I don’t accept the world God has made. I cannot resolve to accept it”

To the Ivan’s of the world, I say… DON’T ACCEPT the world and the injustices herein, don’t accept, do something! Step out and make a change!

But about these folks, who are what Moltmann says are engaging in “protest atheism”, we (the followers of God through Jesus) are not to forget, ignore or otherwise not deal with these fine people, no, Moltmann challenges us to “..know the godless too, for he belongs to them as well.

The second bit of reading I did was a review of a book which is apparently very hot right now. The book is Misquoting Jesus. The review is by Daniel Wallace, who says among other things (many of which are kind) that this popular book contains “…highly charged statements…” that are such that the reader would have a difficult time sifting through the material… the review is worth reading I am placing the book on my list, ultimately, I need to read for my self and then respond… too many books to read, too little time…

The third piece of reading whilst standing in all these lines was Foster’s chapter on Prayer. I finished the chapter (so I’m ready Chris) over a lunch of fish and chips and noted these three things: First, prayer is work – it must be scheduled, it must be planned so that we do not neglect it. Second, we must bathe our imagination as we pray. I can imagine that Jesus is right here with me and he is! Third, I should realize that prayer means something God wants us to unite with Him in prayer and this prayer DOES change things! (what does the Calvinist think of this?)

from this chapter I also was struck by this thought… to fail to pray is to fail to get on the train to take a trip, it is to sit unmoving, ungrowing, stuck in place…. we are designed to be dynamic, not static…

a quote that could seem controversial, that really resonated with me is this… “…the Bible stresses so forcefully the openness of our universe that, in an anthropomorphism hard for modern ears, it speaks of God constantly changing his mind in accord with his unchanging love (“And the LORD repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people.” Exodus 32.14 and “And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God repented of the evil, that he had said that he would do unto them; and he did it not.” Jonah 3:10 KJV) This comes as a genuine liberation to many of us, but it also sets tremendous responsibility before us. We are working with God to determine the future! (p.35)

So, a revolution is afoot, what C.S. Lewis called the ‘invasion,’ let us join Him in it!


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My friend Chris has been sharing with other friends in Vukovar, Croatia. “These are some of the most hospitable and gracious people I’ve met.” He has been working among these wonderful people since Friday the tenth after he enjoyed some Baja fish soup with me and Mark…

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