give to support our cause is the blog of ideas and rants and prayers and links and… you get the idea…

It is put forth for your consideration by Tom Foley who is a leader of Christian Educators Outreach. If this blog has been an encouragement to you in one way or another, please consider a tax deductible financial gift to our mission. We depend on the donations of folks like you!


3 responses to “give to support our cause

  1. I just compiled a commentary on the Qur’an discussing its many deviations from the Torah and New Testament. Please email me if you would like a pdf copy

  2. Beloved friend in Christ, 

    Greetings from whitewing ministries india!

    Iam Dr. Raju, Lord’s servant since 1994 We have 450+ congrgations in our ministry, 250 are fulltime workers Who partakes voluntarily but not paid and 200+are affliated to our ministry. I was saved by His grace from an orthodox hindu royal family in india. I sacrificed everything what i had for the work of of the Lord, strived lot for the needy and orphans in my life. Thus i lost my father who is evangelist for the sake of Gospel. But never turned back because of Mighty call of Jesus, Hallelujah ! Praise God. I sold out all my assets to run this ministry but due to covid my orphan kids situation became so horrible, i cant be able to feed my little angels atleast two meal a day.

    Crying in the Lord’s presrnce for these kids everyday. We have been feeding 153 kids but one child expired during lockdown due to mall nutrition. I never asked anyone a single coin for this work for the last 25 years but now the picture has been changed. So kindly earnestly pray for our ministry so that God will provide with sufficient food for these little children. Thanks for your time.

    We have two more homes as well total children of 152, keep praying for our ministry and orphan homes.Praise the Lord ! God bless you.

    Yours in Christ,

    Dr. Bhvp Raju.

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